Welcome to Healing Press. I created Healing Press so I could publish children’s books as I would like to see them presented to the world.  My mission is to write and publish children’s books with meaning to promote healing, wherever it is needed, one book at a time. 

A bit of the back story on my first book…

The Cardinal’s Gift-A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief,” is based on a true story, my story as an adult. 

Following the death of my husband 26 years ago, the pain of the loss rocked my world. Despite being a nurse and frequently dealing with death and dying, grief like this was foreign to me. I was incapable of getting out of bed, let alone supporting my grieving, hurting children. Until one day, I was literally “awakened” by Mother Natures’ gift. A bold, playful, and persistent cardinal appeared at my window.  Day. After. Day. Little did I know how inspiring and encouraging that red bird would be in my life.

Over the years as I shared my story with family and friends, I learned the power of healing others drew from cardinals, butterflies, hummingbirds, clouds, and more. Mother Nature’s balm is always accessible to us when we pay attention. It is then we can be comforted, encouraged, and hopeful, exactly when we need it.

The Cardinal’s Gift is written from the perspective of a young girl to reach multiple generations with a message of encouragement.  Death is difficult to discuss for many. “The Cardinal’s Gift “ opens the door to conversation. An opportunity to listen to the fears, pain, and worries surrounding grief. A beginning to healing.