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I live in upstate New York with my husband, where I enjoy my grandchildren, gardening, writing, creating art, and spending time in nature.

My motivation for writing content for children comes from my desire to support our younger humans’ mental and emotional well-being in this rapidly changing world. My 45+ year career in healthcare offered healing support and in my pseudo-retirement, I extend that healing by publishing children’s books. 


Storytelling is a powerful tool to start difficult conversations and create connections. It encourages a safe space for dialogue and the exchange of experiences. For me, storytelling became a vehicle for offering comfort, acknowledgement, and personal insight as we learn from each other’s experiences. Stories are a place for healing and growing. No matter how small or big, our stories are a tapestry of human experiences that shape us and our relationships when shared.


My first book, The Cardinal’s Gift-A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief, is a Five-Star Readers Favorite to encourage conversations about death and grief. I know these topics are viewed as taboo for many adults, but kids talk openly about their feelings when given the opportunity. This book is that opportunity! 


My newest children’s book, Lilly Tames Her Worries, has been released.  Lilly shares her experience surrounding worry and anxiety. Join Lilly as she discovers how her heebie-jeebies signal her to tame her worries, be brave, and take charge to do hard things.

In the spirit of healing,