Mindfully Navigate the Holidays As You Grieve


Grieving is never easy, and emotions intensify around the holidays. Granting yourself grace and compassion allows you to stay true to your needs as the holiday nears without a loved one.

Being mindful of the big feelings doesn’t have to subtract from the love surrounding your grief. Grief and sadness can sit at the same table. 

Welcome to Healing Press!

Hi, I’m Carole Heaney. Thanks for visiting the home of my publishing company, Healing Press. It’s my mission to publish content to promote healing and build resilience through conversation and connection, one story at a time. 

As an author of children’s books, I promote emotional self-awareness and self-management using mindful responses in everyday encounters.  

I enjoy writing stories with my six grandchildren in mind as they grow in our rapidly changing world. I understand that feeling safe and positive enhances their ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

As children begin noticing their body’s responses to their emotions in changing situations, they can develop a powerful life habit of self-inquiry that encourages self-trust and confidence to problem-solve.

Our growth is the cornerstone of forming and maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves and others. After all, relationships provide the meaningful and loving dimensions of our lives. 

In healing and love,

Lilly Tames Her Worries

When Lilly forgets her favorite stuffed rabbit, Hun Bun, she worries about getting through school without him. How will Lilly adjust to get through her day?

Hun Bun has been with Lilly since birth and is always there to calm her worries when those pesky heebie-jeebies appear. Heebie-jeebies make her palms sweat, her belly do flip-flops, and her heart beat loudly.

One day, when she forgets to pack Hun Bun, something begins to change. Join Lilly as she discovers how her heebie-jeebies signal her to tame her worries, be brave, and take charge to do hard things.

Grab a copy of “Lilly Tames Her Worries for your child’s backpack today!

The Cardinal’s Gift
A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief

When tragedy strikes Rachel’s family, she struggles to get out of bed and pay attention at school. But all that changed when one day a special bird appeared.

Rachels Daddy died, and she is having a hard time adjusting. She lost interest in playing with her friends, and she is fearful she will forget important things about her Daddy. Then one morning, she receives a visit and a little encouragement from a persistent cardinal.

This is a true story of how a cardinal offered hope to a grieving family struggling to adjust to their loss. “The Cardinal’s Gift: A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief” encourages anyone experiencing loss to pay attention to Mother Nature’s gifts as she teaches us to be hopeful without forgetting those we love.

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