Mindfully Navigating the Holidays As You Grieve

Grieving is hard anytime, but especially through the holidays. Being mindful in your decisions on ways to navigate through this time, grants you some grace and compassion.  These self-care tips can support you with decisions about how, where, and if you celebrate the holidays. 

The Cardinal’s Gift
A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief


Welcome to Healing Press!

Hi, I’m author and publisher, Carole Heaney. Thanks for dropping by to visit the new home of my publishing company, Healing Press. My mission is to publish content  to promote healing in the world, one story at a time. 

For 45 years, I have been privileged to practice the healing art of nursing. And if that wasn’t gift enough, I have been blessed to bring healing service to others in a new way. Writing and publishing children’s stories, inspired by real-life events that encourage conversation, create connection, and support healing in children and adults.

Welcome to my first children’s story, inspired by a personal life-changing event, The Cardinal’s Gift-A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief.

In healing and love,

The Cardinal’s Gift
A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief

When tragedy strikes Rachel’s family, she struggles to get out of bed and pay attention at school. But all that changed when one day a special bird appeared.

Rachels Daddy died, and she is having a hard time adjusting. She lost interest in playing with her friends, and she is fearful she will forget important things about her Daddy. Then one morning, she receives a visit and a little encouragement from a persistent cardinal.

This is a true story of how a cardinal offered hope to a grieving family struggling to adjust to their loss. “The Cardinal’s Gift: A True Story of Finding Hope in Grief” encourages anyone experiencing loss to pay attention to Mother Nature’s gifts as she teaches us to be hopeful without forgetting those we love.

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